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I'm Daniella Shutov, from ISRAEL. Dabbling in Thai boxing and kickboxing, maintraining a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness. 

kickboxing World Champion after 4 years of unending work. 

now both a coach and an athlete. I'm here to give my knowledge, to tell about how better practice,  talk about nutrition and proper lifestyle management, what should be emphasized in training and also talk about self-defense.

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Get Stronger to Get Leaner

With greater muscles come less fat and the ability to tone and define those muscles. Lean muscle increases your body's resting metabolism. And in turn, this allows you to burn more calories all day long. 


Find Your OWN Look

Some women like to have a lot of muscle, and some don’t. Whether you've always wanted stronger shoulders... a juicier butt... or those 6-pack abs... you can choose to build more muscle in specific areas. Forget the magazines, Insta models, or judgemental mothers. Create it how you want it.

Seeing and loving ourselves no matter the number between our toes is a long journey. But it CAN be done... with the right help.  know how kickboxing World Champion can help! Through my sport life and unending work as a coach, Together we can maintain a fitness routine, upgrade your nutrition, and develop a healthy life.


Where to Start When You’re Starting to Exercise

We’ve all heard the benefits of starting an exercise routine, but where do we start? Here are a few tips...

Ladies, it's time we say ENOUGH to a world that repeatedly insinuates we're not thin enough, curvy enough, smart enough. It's time we take up some space and learn to live a happy, fulfilled, and healthy lifestyle once again.

Our body has to feel safe to get lean and stay lean. And we're the only ones who can provide that safety. Not society. Not our social media accounts. Not even our parents. 

And, exploring our fitness options is the first step... Tie up those laces ladies, we’re going to the gym! These are the best reasons to start incorporating an exercise into your lifestyle.


Feel (and Look) Younger

A woman's best defense against osteoporosis is exercise. Specifically, strength training. Strength training builds stronger connective tissues, increases joint stability, and enhances bone modeling. This means you can take less time getting up from the couch and more time out with friends, family, and more! 


Increased Confidence

Chores will be easier. Lifting kids, carrying groceries, and heaving that load of laundry will no longer push you to the max. As well, exercise allows for increased posture, presented as newfound confidence!